About Me

You’re seeing this preamble because you’re ‘reblogging’. As the creating author of this post, I ask that you please respect my copyrights. How, you ask? In the following manner:

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Good writing,

— Ryl

My name’s Ryl Mandus and I’m a working artist — figure painting, mask making, and writing — living in the Pacific Northwest, with my hubby and our kitties and fishies.

The weirdness that is my life continues benignly, and without interruption.  In the pursuit of understanding and enlightenment I explore the aforementioned weirdness through meditations, drawing and painting, leather wrangling, classical guitar and narrative prose writing.

It would be a mistake to assume that anyone is no more than the sum of their words on a blog.  These offerings, opinions and ramblings are a fragment, a single refraction glimpsed through a single facet, of any single moment in my life/work — it’s all bound to change and evolve with time.