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Today I’m busy shaping and painting and photographing masks, and going through my leather stash — yes, I have a leather stash — while listening to the brilliant, late Bill Hicks on Netflix with Occupy Wall Street on my mind.

It all has me wondering what I, a relatively unknown independent artist, can do — personally and all by myself, since nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished by committee — about our economy.  Right now.

I mentioned this on Facebook, and one response — probably intended to lighten the mood — was to heed Bush 2.0’s post-9/11 dictum to ‘go shopping’.  Okay, great.  Is Bush, born into a family of millionaires and Wall Street shareholders, going to pay for my shopping spree?  Because, you see, the whole issue is about not having ‘disposable’ money — not just for me, but for the majority of overwhelmed Americans.

What I am going to do, since it’s served me faithfully me in the past, is practice what I like to call the Bumblebee Principle.  The sciences of aerodynamics, mass, and velocity, et cetera, combine to indicate that bumblebees shouldn’t be able to fly.  At all.

But the bumblebees don’t know that.  They fly on, blithely ignoring the data that says they can’t, not letting anyone else define their abilities, or their reality.

Hang loose, hang tight, hang tough — just hang on.