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News brown-outs and the cringing cowardice of an otherwise blood-thirsty news media.  Police-state violence against peaceful protesters who are exercising their Constitutional rights.  New York’s finest — but under whose orders? — are commanded to assault and mace the unarmed.  Worse, they’ve been arresting and detaining without charging.

The first thing an invading force does it take over all communications.  As it’s more than self-evident that the news media is no longer the fourth estate, they’ve nearly finished this stage.

All done to silence the Americans — voting, tax-paying Americans — who are bloody sick of the obscenely rich riding on their backs like gloating cripples.  This is freedom versus privilege.

There are cries of fascism, and rightfully so.  But robbing a people, a people born in freedom, of their voice is taking this once great nation a step dangerously closer to a totalitarian or communist state.  Now that the Soviet Union is no longer an ongoing concern for American politics there is also no longer a living, breathing example to point a warning finger to, of what will happen if We the People do not safeguard our hard won freedoms.

Have the wealth and power holders forgotten the French Revolution?  The American proletariat have the American aristocracy outnumbered hundreds-of-thousands to one.

Have they forgotten our own American Revolution?  And how bold, fierce, and inventive the desperate and determined become when pushed to the last of their breaking points?

They haven’t.  And here’s the proof:
The quality of public education has dropped dramatically and tragically in the last couple of decades, and as a consequence these developing minds are not learning how to think critically, and too many are not taught the history and courage of those who came before them;
We’re aggressively offered bread and circuses, mindless sensationalism, instead of enlightenment, to distract us from what really matters;
The religious right is presuming to speak for everyone, threatening eternal damnation for anyone who disagrees with them as though they actually possessed such power or authority;
Women are denied sovereignty over their own bodies, forced to carry to full term and give birth, regardless the circumstances of conception;
With fewer and fewer chances for honest employment where they can exploit their talents and skills, more young people who are too proud to accept charity enlist as a last resort, increasing the bulk and might of the Military Industrial Complex which is used to bully other nations out of their resources;
The flower of this American generation is being offered up as cannon fodder on foreign soil for no damn good reason, and we are losing too many of the best and bravest this generation has to offer.

The U.S. Government has usurped the power to switch off all digital broadcasts, in addition to having always had the cut-off switch and the power to deny us the whole of the internet.  China was once completely isolated, as North Korea is now.  Are we next?

A revolution would be in the finest of American traditions.  What would George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson do?  They wouldn’t put up with this Orwellian shit, that’s for sure.