A couple of months back I woke up with my left shoulder in pain.  It felt like a pinched nerve wrapped up in a kinked muscle, and then set on fire.

The chiro did indeed find a knot in the muscle, and then she gave me a good scare:  first she said it was a “torn rotator cuff” (but I’m right-handed?!), and then she said the “A” word.  The workout she gave my shoulder helped a lot, but I need full movement with zero pain, because I’m a Busy Girl.

My alternative medicine physician identified the problem as “frozen shoulder” and then went to work on me — after the acupuncture and massage therapy I’ve now got half the movement back, and only half the pain.  With the exercises he gave me to do, I thought I’d tough it out and soldier on — which has proven to be ridiculously unrealistic of me.

This is an injury, and I have to treat it as one.  Healing sets its own pace.  Et cetera, ad infinitum.

Deep in denial, I’d put off making this dismal announcement for last two weeks.  But in going over the checklists and the demands on my time, I now see I’ve no choice but to acknowledge this set-back like a grown-up — with at least a modicum of dignity — and cancel my Autumn Salon for this year,…

… this is where I say all my bad words, all at once:  [censored]

Up until now, I’ve kept pretty quiet about the whole shoulder thing because I didn’t want to come off as whinging.  But it just isn’t physically possible to get the house and studios prepped and finish all the new works needed for this occasion while working at a temporarily reduced capacity.  In addition to the usual demands at this time of year, there’s a new body of work I’ve got to complete for an upcoming project,… it’s one of those “bad news/good news” scenarios.

Still, I’m totally bummed by this.

So I’m consoling myself with plans for a salon prior to Mardi Gras.  Stay tuned,….

— Ryl