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To quote David Lo Pan, “Now, this really pisses me off to no end!”

Newsweek posted an online article titled “The Anti-Lesbian Drug” that caused me anger and grieving at the same time:

The controversy over using female hormones as part of prenatal care isn’t quite as shocking as the headlines suggest, but it does raise important questions about ethics, gender, and sexuality.

Genetic engineers, move over: the latest scheme for creating children to a parent’s specifications requires no DNA tinkering, but merely giving mom a steroid while she’s pregnant, and presto—no chance that her daughters will be lesbians or (worse?) ‘uppity.’

But being dinked upon in utero, for results like these?  I cannot help but see this kind of  manipulation — selfish and self-serving, intrusive and interfering — as anything but dangerously narcissistic and potentially criminal.  So much for the self-determination that America is always shrieking about as a birth-right, eh?

Sexual orientation is not a birth defect.  It isn’t something that requires correction just because you happen to disagree with it.

Whenever I say I’m a feminist, some people — sharing that sentiment or not — become confused because I don’t fit in with their personal definition of a feminist.  And they proceed to correct me.

To this I say — Get over it.

Feminism is not a mindless adherence to one political platform or another.

Feminism is not man-bashing.

Feminism does not mean a woman, het or lesbian, must embrace a more ‘butch’ life-style.

What feminism is is this: AUTONOMY

Autonomy (Greek: Auto-Nomosnomos meaning “law”: one who gives oneself his/her own law) is the right to self-government.  Autonomy is a concept found in moral, political, and bioethical philosophy.  Within these contexts, it refers to the capacity of a rational individual to make an informed, uncoerced decision. In moral and political philosophy, autonomy is often used as the basis for determining moral responsibility for one’s actions.”

Feminism is Autonomy, which means I live my life according to my talents, aptitudes, aspirations  and preferences — or not.

It’s entirely up to me.  And that is the crux of the matter.

Feminism means I dress any way I damned well please.  It means I pursue any goals I damned well please.  So long as I as respect the individual rights [rights, not privilegesnever confuse the two] and freedoms of others, I will do whatever I damned well please.

Whether I have gonads or ovaries is not a part of that equation.  My physiological sex has no bearing on the matter, of what I can achieve by using my intellect and my talents.

That I should be expected to conform to anyone else’s expectations in favor of my own is not only insulting and ridiculous, it’s laughable.  That I should allow anyone to impose artificial limitations on my output and my expectations for my own life is, in a word, demented.

Who the hell does anyone think he/she is to preach [and screech] at me how to live my life, when he/she isn’t the one walking around in this particular skin?  Those discoveries — and those mistakes, too — are mine to make.

But there are those who can’t handle this notion, because I’m not conforming to their definitions of the word ‘feminist’. They demand, “Well, then what are you??”  To which I answer, “I am a Human Being. What are you?”

Attempting to prevent the possibility an embryo might become a lesbian is not only a daft expenditure of resources, it calls into question the ethics, morals, motives and sanity of her parents and doctors.

It’s also the first violation against her rights as a human being.