Why ask someone “what do you think,…” when you don’t really want to know?

A disingenuous line of inquiry is misleading.  It spawns mistaken beliefs that you’re interested in what the other person actually thinks or has to say on a given subject.  Is this practice an attempt at polite rhetoric, as some kind of social ice-breaker?  Or, nefariously, is it the harvesting of information to mangle into a weapon for later use?

Do yourself (and me) a favor — don’t ask for opinions when what you’re really craving is approval or corroboration.  There’s no need to make yourself and everyone around you miserable because you’ve confused one with the other.

Exercise the intelligence and self-understanding to know which it is that you really want.  Ask the real question, and then have the courtesy to listen to the answer.

That’s all.  Back to your Monday doing’s,….

— Ryl