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You do realize that ‘reblogging’ is not the same as quoting with proper attributions? I ask because if during the act of ‘reblogging’ that you do any or all of these:
1) strip away the title I gave this post;
2) strip away my name — Ryl Mandus — as its author;
3) fail to create a functioning link-back to the originating post on this blog,

… then you are placing yourself in grave danger of awakening the wrath of Karma. Surely you don’t want that. Why bring yourself to the attention of Karma?

Remember how pissed off you were when some schlep at school / the office / the coffee shop ripped off your hard work / great idea / brilliant quip and then took credit for it? Yeah. That. Don’t act like those no-talent zeroes if you don’t want to be mistaken for one.

I know you have your own thoughts that you want to express, and that sometimes it’s hard to come up with the right words. But muscles that never get the exercise never get any stronger.

Remember: your brain — particularly the parts you use to communicate — is a muscle, too.

By all means, quote me if you need to,… but if you want to be taken seriously as a blog writer in your own right, if you want your blog to count for something, if you want the respect of your own readership, then make the correct and respectful attributions and link-backs when you do quote.

Best wishes and good writing,
— Ryl

I think I’ve just figured out why some straight/het guys are ranty homophobes.

They know how they look at women and girls — both teen-aged and prepubescent — as objects, things, for their personal pleasure.  But they don’t want men looking at them the same way — through the lens of this thing called ‘male privilege‘ that often strips away the personal sovereignty and simple human dignity of anyone hapless enough to be caught in the cross-hairs of their carnal urges.

“Male Torso, No.2” — © Ryl Mandus

If they’re the ones in those cross-hairs there’s the horrifying chance they may not have the physical upper-hand this time, regarding upper body strength and negative male aggression.  The more predatory a het guy is the greater the likelihood he’s afraid of being seen as prey —  especially if he’s a bully.  Bullies are notorious cowards when push comes to shove.

It could be an instinctive fear of Karmic comeuppance.

In the presence of gay men, they may worry they are now fair game and it’s always open season.  Based on their own conduct towards women of any persuasion, they may worry that even if they say “no!” that it’ll be ignored because the ones doing the pursuing are, y’know, men.  And we’ve all known dipwads who refuse to respect the rights of other human beings when those basic rights stand between them and what they think they want at any given moment.

It’s called externalization, when someone believes everyone else is guilty of doing the same stuff they deny doing at all.

It’s never fun when a deeply buried guilty conscience reaches up and bitch-slaps the orbitofrontal cortex — a pity when all anyone does with this wake-up call and chance to evolve into a truly superior human being is to, once again, externalize and then lash out.

In my attempts to understand why people do the things they do, I end up doing a lot of people-watching.  It’s through my own observations that the above theory was borne — and please remember that word, theory, before you get your man-panties in a twist.

Here’s what I find so ironic about homophobia:  because the gay men of my personal acquaintance have higher standards of male attractiveness than most straight women I know, the straight men I’ve heard spew the most vicious homophobic rhetoric wouldn’t rate a second glance.

Like I said, it’s all theory.

— Ryl