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Two weeks of this damned flu has me less than cheery and sparkly.  As a courtesy to my readers I offer a polite blog advisory —  I’m feeling the need for a bit of spleen venting.

On Caller I.D. —

It’s there for a reason, kids.

I wonder at the intelligence levels of people who phone me while blocking their frakkin’ identity.  It doesn’t matter to me why you’re blocking your identity.  I don’t care why you’re blocking your identity.  Do you actually expect me to pick up your call when you’re rudely blocking your identity?

Them:  “Aw, what’re you afraid of?  It just means they want to talk to you.”

Me:  “Are you deranged, or merely daft?”

Expecting me to pick up a blocked i.d. call is like expecting me to open my door to someone with a ski-mask pulled down over his face.  It ain’t happening, so you may as well quit wasting your time.

No, it isn’t ‘flattering’ —

Like me, another mask maker puts together a website to sell their masks online.  That’s cool.

What isn’t cool is when they lift my texts — both prose and sales pitch — from my website and then plunk them onto their frakkin’ front page  (by willful omission of rightful attribute alluding that it’s theirs), and then have the big, shiny brass balls to ask me for a link.


Oh, girl — did you really believe I wouldn’t recognize my own words?

Don’t like ‘Like’ —

When WordPress first introduced its ‘like’ button I thought it was a pretty cool way to bookmark the posts I’d found entertaining and/or enlightening by other bloggers.

Then I learned more about it — that this feature has a ‘reblog’ capacity that makes plagiarism even easier than before.  Yeah, great, something else I have to watchdog over, now.  Thanks, but no thanks.

DO NOT WANT.  Give me a chance to say “no,” guys, before you force me to share.

If you’re forced to ‘share’ it isn’t sharing — it’s theft by coercion.

Rounding it off —

I’m tired of people, who haven’t a clue what it’s like to walk in my moccasins, presuming they know what’s good for me better than I do.  It was one thing when I was a little kid still learning my way around in a world that presents both wonders and dangers.

But I have several decades of a vast variety of experiences under my belt, now, and that presumption is insulting, ill-mannered and intrusive.

Kindly keep your interfering paws off my personal sovereignty.  </end rant>

— Ryl