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Whether you’re here for the first time or a returning visitor and this blog’s layout — particularly the effing sidebar — looks more than a bit jarring and poorly conceived and executed,… well, it ain’t my fault.

WordPress.com is making updates to the theme I use for this blog, and said ‘updates’ have basically kicked the scaffolding out from under me.  I’m just going to wait for the dust to settle before I attempt correcting any of this.

Sorry for the mess.

Edited to update (since I don’t want to open a new topic on the users’ forum):

1)  The sidebar is behaving itself, now — WordPress Support has my sincere thanks.  That WordPress has user forums and especially that it has Real Live Support with Responsive Real Live People is why I left other blogging platforms in its favor;

2)  I do like that the block quotes are of a slightly lower font pitch so that quoted texts no longer visually dominate any post into which they’re embedded;

3)  The calendar is still small enough to fit in the narrower sidebar, yet now large enough to be more legible.

The comments’ areas, though, is still an issue — visually, it’s now incongruous with the rest of the theme’s design.

And I still don’t like that the blog’s title text now flashes like a bloody neon sign whenever it’s moused-over — very inelegant.  But I suppose I could/should overcome that by ‘shopping the text into the image, and foregoing the html text overlay altogether.

— Ryl