There was an old inscription at the entrance of a Tibetan Buddhist monastery that read:  a thousand monks, a thousand religions.  I’ve always taken that to mean ‘one size does not fit all’, and that it was recognized, accepted, and respected — even within the framework of faith.

I regard feminism the same way.

It isn’t a life-style.  It’s a one-size-does-not-fit-all personal belief system that one adopts — and then adapts — in order to have a richer, freer life experience.  Not everyone needs the same things from feminism.  Not everyone will contribute the same things to feminism.

To my mind, true feminism advocates that each woman live her own life as she wants, not what anyone else expects or demands of her.  Including other women.  That may sound selfish to some.  But it’s no more selfish than what most men demand from their own lives.

It’s about more than what sex-body you’re living in, or which gender you’re presenting to the mirror and the rest of the world.  I don’t see feminism as a political construct.

It’s a philosophy — the philosphy that buttresses my life.

Why this human propensity to jam everything into pigeon holes, and then allow no wiggle room for individuality?  Why this infantile need to define — and indirectly control — other people?

If I had to define feminism, I’d define it as ‘inviolable personal sovereignty’ — for everyone, regardless of gender or sex.