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Here I sit, chugging lemon-honey tea to subdue the cough that’s got my throat feeling like sandpaper, and recovering from whatever strange, damnable cold/flu bug has assailed me.  Not much good for anything else right now, I’ve been consoling myself by playing with the ‘Bubble Harp’ app on the iPad.


“Femme Noire:  No.1”

“Femme Noire:  No.2”

The Bubble Harp app, created by Scott Snibbe, can be downloaded it through iTunes or the App Store.

These images were captured with using the screenshot function, so they’re beautifully crisp and pixel perfect.  Even so, it doesn’t capture the real magic of this app — the lines radiate back and forth and the dots dance, all in a sort of Bacchanalian frenzy.  I’ve communicated with Mr.Snibbe who has told me they are looking to capture this sparkling movement in later upgrades.

Everyone else is playing games on their iPhones and iPads.  Me?  I’m drawing.  Sometimes my results remind me of string art from the 70’s.  Sometimes it reminds me of scratch board.  And sometimes it reminds me of Etch-A-Sketch (there’s an app for that, too).  But some of my more abstract results using Bubble Harp make me think of diatoms:

“Diatomic Waste”

(note to self:  sanitize the iPad’s screen before anyone else touches it.)

Blech.  Stoopid cooties.

— Ryl