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Progress Report No.2 — The Checklist Revisited.

Another pilgrimage was made to Ikea, and some needful things for my first salon were got.  The overwhelming checklist has shrunk by five tasks:


replaced hideous ‘Brady Bunch’ light-thingies over the stairwell, in front of The Wall

decided in favor of ambiance movies on DVD vs. digital slide show; selections include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Labyrinth and Young Frankenstein

installed picture rails — upstairs over the front window and over the sliding leading to the back deck / downstairs in the mask studio

installed mirrors — wall-mounted / hand-held — for trying on masks

acquired small table-top easels — now to paint them flat black

I keep whittling away at it, but I’m far from done.  There’s much remaining, and new issues are — as predicted — jumping up and demanding to be attended:

Because the CD player upstairs is losing its mind, in addition to making the music playlist I’ll load the salon’s music onto the iPod and push it through the system, hence avoiding awkward lulls when disks would noisily change even if I could count on it,…

As this is my home and not a gallery, I dislike the idea of putting cards with title/medium/price beside the art.  The price lists will resemble and serve as maps, showing which art is where within the space and provide all pertinent data,…

The rattan furniture downstairs will be moved outside onto the adjacent deck,…

A long, narrow sofa table will have to be built or acquired,…

That’s the checklist for now — from this date I’ve got a mere 131 days to get it all together.  Please continue to DM (Twitter) or PM (Facebook) or just email me, and you know you’re free to comment here.

Thanks so much for all the input already given — keep it coming.

— Ryl