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Progress Report No.1 — The Checklist.

Well, what do you think?  Should I hold a salon,… or shouldn’t I?  Feeling somewhat brazen — with the bright glow of inexperience in such matters — I’ve begun the checklist for my first salon.  As the days zip past likely the list will shrink, grow, shrink again, morph and mutate.  But here it is so far:


hideous ‘Brady Bunch’ light-thingies over the stairwell, in front of The Wall

hideous earth-tone plaid (what were they thinking?!) carpet downstairs

kitty-ripped screen on the slider door (!)

kitty-shredded grass-cloth wallpaper (or install wainscoting?)

Decide on:

menu — food / drink — for grazing stations (chef’s discretion?)

lighting — electrical / candle

what’s displayed vs. what stays in the flat files

music playlist — for upstairs

ambiance movies on DVD vs. digital slide show — for downstairs


make art / masks

make guest list

install gallery-style hanging system on The Wall (!)

install picture rails, upstairs / downstairs

mirrors — wall-mounted / hand-held — for trying on masks

general housework (yuck)

tidy / organize both studios for visitors

clean the decks

install non-skid something on the drawbridge

design / build / stock tiki bar (?)

rework chalkboard in the Buddha Room

make / install cushion for window seat in the Buddha Room

Hemingway treatment in the hallway bathroom (?)

make / install privacy noren for the bedroom doorway

make / install bench seat for the kitchen window

make / install shutters and paper blind for the kitchen window

put all books back on their shelves

reclaim loaned art to display during this salon

make sconces for tea-lights in the mask studio

print out inventory / price lists


small wine fridge (?)

seasonal merchant account (?)

pumpkins (yes!)

small table-top easels (!)

ingredients for snackage / drinkage

Gasp, and egadz.  As the list grows, so grows my sense of being overwhelmed.  This is why galleries get the cuts that they do.

I’d like to also cover/hide/replace the auxiliary but dead cook top, and replace the absolutely ghastly (and comical)  D.O.T.-yellow kitchen sink — but that requires plumbing skills in addition to the cost of the new sink itself.  Those two will likely have to wait.  Oh, yeah, and the fancy-shmantzy Dacor microwave is hinting that it’s on its last legs — we’ll see, but I’m hoping its fainting spells are no more than bad theatre.

Looks like I’m going to be a very busy girl.  Luckily for me Ben doesn’t mind being my ook-ook.  Maybe it’s time for another trip to Ikea.

Got any advice or suggestions for me?  Or warnings?  Don’t be shy — speak up!  Your input and feedback are more than invited — they’re urgently needed,…

— Ryl

p.s. hoping-hoping-hoping I’m not biting off more than I can chew.