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Yesterday we drove over to Bend, and then up to Timberline Lodge at Mount Hood — which was still deep in the white stuff by about 12 feet from the last snowfall.

I got this lovely shot, taken from a second-floor window — on the iPhone.

Being my usual idjit self, I was so wrapped up in trying to grab shots through the windows that I wasn’t watching where I was putting my gunboats.

As a consequence, I stepped down into a recessed area and failed to notice it was 3 steps down, not 2 — weight plus velocity all went to my left ankle.

It turned, but somehow I kept my feet and didn’t do the expected face-plant.

But it was a whole new kind of hurt.  The pain was so bad for a few moments that I felt a couple of waves of nausea.  It passed, and — surprisingly — nothing was broken.  After a couple of minutes sitting, I was able to put my weight on that foot and walk without even a hint of a limp.

Today there’s slight swelling and a bit of bruising, but that’s all.  I’m glad I’m the sturdy type — but I can’t defy gravity, much less fly.

— Ryl