Every time I hear or read the phrase ‘Women in the Arts’ I think of artists who happen to be women.  But typically I’m mistaken.  The subject is all too often ‘woman as object within an artwork’.

I confess it bugs me.  The syntax inspires misconception.

How would visitors to a museum react to an exhibit titled ‘Men in the Arts’?  Would they expect an exhibit of artworks by men, or of men?  If they’re expecting to see artworks by men, how might they respond if the place were instead full of paintings and sculptures of male nudes,…

… by women artists, yet?

Ahem.  I — for one — would be delighted.  A number of my friends would be delighted, as well.  Would the museum’s visitors, particularly heterosexual males, be confused and/or offended by the error?

Whose error would it be:  the curator’s or the viewer’s?

Returning to the subject of this post’s header, below is a trailer for an excellent film by that same title: