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— I’m a Mac girl.  I converted from PC to Mac a few years ago in order to use Scrivener.  I have no regrets over this shift of allegiance.  Having just completed the task of updating the mask site, I’m reminded of how very much I hate Windows.

Loathe it, loathe it, loathe it.

Y’see, I got this little hiccup in my desktop set-up:  I’ve yet to find a wysiwyg editor I like as much as the old Netscape Composer.  This forces me to maintain Windows 95 (ack) on a separate hard drive, accessing Composer through Boot Camp.  But I gotta restart the computer to get from one side of Boot Camp to the other, every – bloody – time.

Windows 95 second-guesses me — while I’m in the middle of editing — and insistently pops up with one distraction or disruption after the other.  Worse, it tries to force its will onto my projects —

— frakking “wizard”.

I am so in the market for another website editor.