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I just watched a fascinating program on the Science Channel about the ‘Theory of Everything’ — my focus of the moment is the force of gravity, about why it’s so much weaker now than it’s speculated being during the Big Bang.

As a fan of string theory it set me to wondering ‘what if’ all over the place —

What if gravity were so strong in the beginning that it could’ve held in check the force behind the Big Bang?  All of that brand new matter [in the form of tiny bits of vibrating ‘string’] would’ve stayed right there — at the center of the beginning of everything physical in this dimension — if gravity were really, really strong at first.

Then maybe a tiny disruption in the force of gravity — like a bump in the road — jostled things enough to make that initial breech, that tear in time-space [space-time?], that was once Scotchgarded by gravity,…

… a hiccup, that let everything burp outwards in every direction simultaneously:

Just imagine the whole thing, the skin of the balloon and all the water in it, were perfectly inverted dimensionally,…

Instant Universe [trade marked],… just add water.

[p.s. I hate ads on YouTube.]