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String theory proposes that everything is a collection of vibrations, meaning that everything everywhere is connected — and it fascinates me to no end.  I only wish I had a better mathematics foundation so I could really understand it,….

In the spirit of connectedness, I’ve been dinking with social media, working at getting my WordPress, Facebook and Twitter accounts linked — lotta trepidation involved here, but I can’t spend my life hiding from parasites and other delusional beings.  I’ve ‘friended’ a lot of great folks [hi, guys!] — but I’ve also had to disconnect from a few, and then block them completely before their antics drove me crazy.

Once I’m done with tying these bits together, I gotta change the strings on another of my guitars,…

… again.

[p.s.  why is it always the ‘D’ string that pops??]