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I am bloody weary of being expected to not only endure, but to nurture the overweening conceits and keening insecurites of others.

Forget trying to talk to them about it, just to get them to bring it down to tolerable levels.  These puffed-up creatures, these narcissists, typically mistake arrogance for pride — they will tear you a new one if you presume to find fault with them or their actions.

Their vacillating behavior — arcing from neglect to gushing praise to blatant snarks, and back again — is designed to keep you off balance.  It’s manipulation aimed towards control, just waiting to mature into exploitation.

Like most mortals, I have my breaking point.  When I’m pushed — or dragged — to the edge of the bottomless chasm that is their blind and insatiable self-love, I cut myself free and fly away.  It’s become more than a moral imperative.  It’s now a matter of preserving my own calm and dignity,…

… but — just maybe — attention whores simply have to learn the hard way that they can’t be the star of anyone else’s stage.