Yesterday I mothballed both of my Blogspots as it was just two blogs too many — an account each on WordPress for my visual art and for my masks, and then repeating the same on Blogger. [weary sigh] It all got to be a bit much.

Yeah, yeah, you get more control over the layout and color schemes with Blogger. But it’s just so much easier for me to post on WordPress.

Several friends and business associates, and now family members, are telling me I just gotta [?!] get on Facebook. I’ll confess to some trepidation over that — I’ve been harassed by coattail-riding parasites and stalked by a bewildering variety of whackjobs who’ve refused to accept the fact that not only am I heterosexual, I’m also married.

So if I get a Facebook account, what kind of headaches am I be letting myself in for?

Opinions, please,….