Last week a friend of mine passed away, suddenly and unexpectedly.  Since that time I’ve been trying very hard to come to grips with the knowledge that she’s gone, that I’ll never see her again, that I’ll never hear her again,…

I feel so badly for her husband, her family, and all her friends, and for all those who depended on her to make their lives and careers run more smoothly.  But that’s what mourning is all about, isn’t it?  It’s for us, it’s for the ones who’ve been left behind — to go on without those who’ve slipped through the veil — so we can say farewell, come to some sort of closure, and eventually approach acceptance.

She was younger than me and with at least as many irons in the fire, probably more.  So many people will now have to do without her — without her hard work, her wit, her insights, and her love.

I’ve cried a lot this last week, thinking about her and worrying whether she’d got to do most of the things she’d truly wanted to achieve and accomplish during her time here.  I hope she doesn’t feel cheated, by having to leave so soon.

Her abrupt passing has made me look even harder at my own life, my own work, and all my relationships — I’m going to work harder at them all.

Happy trails, Kate,… we miss you.