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While cleaning clutter out the studio I discovered a heavy packet of some of my *older originals — I’d forgot I still had these. There are a few full-color paintings done for CCG’s and covers, but mostly they’re black and white illos of varying sizes I did for Over The Edge by Atlas Games.

I don’t know what AG’s editors called this illustration when they used it in print, but I’ve titled it “Peace Officer”.

Graphite pencil is the medium, and the image area of this original is 12 1/2 by 8 inches, on heavy coldpress paper that measures 10 by 13 inches. It’s mounted on black core mounting stock.

This, and others original illos I did for Atlas, are for sale. If you’re interested in acquiring this or any of my other OTE originals, let me know.

– Ryl

*done way back, when I still signed my work ‘CSM’ (whereas now I sign ‘Ryl’).