For me, it’s always been the artists whose works provoke and instigate an intellectual reaction, in addition to a neural and emotional reaction — the works that grab me by my medulla oblongata and proceed to bitchslap my prefrontal cortex into a state of higher cogitation.

These artists are like fairy godmothers [with attitudes], smacking me upside the head with their wands arcing, and yelling, Think, dammit!”

If I stare at the paintings long enough, my subconscious will absorb all the clues therein to digest them and eventually dump the secrets of the universe onto my waiting lap. These – these – are the artists who inspire me – as an artist – and make me want to try all the harder to master my own skills to better present my own visions,…

… ah! There goes another one —


Y’know, I could’ve sworn that was an aspirin that I took this morning.

– Ryl