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Tools and materials for artists can be almost criminally expensive at times, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my costs down.  For instance, art bins can easily be subbed out with second-hand tackle boxes.

If you’re a figurative artist, you may’ve made use of the pose-able mannequins.  A couple of months ago while haunting the local Good Will for a vintage waffle iron for making Cuban-style sandwiches, I noticed a fully pose-able G.I.Joe (with “Kung-Fu Grip”) in a bin full of dolls and ‘action figures’, and I picked up this guy for $1.00:


Some men can be cheaply had.

When I get weary of looking at Joe’s scowl, I just put of bit of paper tape over his face.  Here’s a close-up of that cozy tableau:


I got Joe home and put him on the shelf.  But then I couldn’t resist the irony of having G.I.Joe bottle-feeding a Little Green Man-baby.

Hm.  Maybe that’s why he’s scowling so hard,….