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“Angel of Pain” — acrylics on artboard / 13 by 20 inches

There’s nothing like displaying your latest blood-sweat-and-tears in the hopes of connecting with another human spirit, only to have some goon take aim and fire, and then tear into you as though you were some kind of pederast.

When I first displayed “Angel of Pain” on my website, a ‘net sniper fired off a vicious e-mail at me, using his wife’s online i.d. and e-mail address — yeah, real brave.  Since a strong emotional reaction was ripped out of him, I consider the painting a success.

But after pissing all over my work he proceeded to verbally slash at me.  The personal attack destroyed any credibility his ‘critique’ might’ve possessed.

I feel sorry for his wife.  A very nice lady, she took the initiative and apologized for her husband’s attack as soon as she discovered he’d appropriated her e-mail account.  I only got lambasted, but she has to live with him.

These piss-and-moaners are no more than rank (heh) amateurs, and should never be mistaken for professional art critics who actually know what they’re talking about.  They’re chronic complainers who can’t stop at ‘criticizing’ the artwork — they assault the intelligence / character / personal lifestyle / blood lineage of the artist.

They lash out with presumed impunity.  They get extremely personal about it — that’s the earmark.  And then they have the balls to insist the targeted artist ‘not take it personally’.  What is that, a disclaimer?  An attempt to disown responsibility for their slander?  Are they sociopaths or just plain stupid?

I spent years doing commercial illustration and graphic design, and if that doesn’t grow a thick skin on you nothing will.  If someone doesn’t like my artwork?  Okay, I’m a big girl, I can handle it.   Say so and say why.

Just have the good graces to leave me out of it.

– Ryl