We love Edgefield — the crown jewel in the Kingdom that is McMenamins.

It’s great to live so close to so cool a place – great chow and great brews. Edgefield has the Black Rabbit Restaurant and it’s cozy little bar, both of which are repeatedly adorned with paintings by Lyle Hehn [inarguably a genius] and other artists, paintings with black rabbits in them.

One night last week we were driving home, and in the dark I thought I saw a little black rabbit running-hopping up a neighbor’s driveway to hide under the car parked there – Ben and I looked at each other and exclaimed, in tandem, “Did you just see a black rabbit??” We began to ponder possible symbolic significances of black rabbits.

This Sunday afternoon as we were driving home from Edgefield, we were again discussing the images of black rabbits there, as well as our own little bunny sighting. Just as we turned onto our street, remarking on how odd it was to see that little black rabbit,…there he was again, blithely munching on the neighbor’s grass.

Great. Now I’m noticing little black bunnies everywhere.

– Ryl

[originally posted on my old blog on 09/26/06]