Here’s a tidbit I got from an artists’ e-mailing list I used to be on:

There’s a cleaning product called ‘Simple Green’. The stuff is a wonder in the studio [as well as the garage], capable of cleaning up just about anything. The purist oil painters on the list swore by it.

And as far as it goes for cleaning, I’m in complete agreement.


Every time I used the stuff it triggered an asthma attack. Each and every time, without fail, it triggered an attack and left me struggling for my next breath. It didn’t matter whether I was spraying it, or soaking a fresh studio rag and then rubbing with it. It didn’t matter that I resorted to wearing a professional grade respirator. Somehow the fumes always found a way into my lungs.

Please, if you have any respiratory issues, use something else.

I’m sticking with Gamsol.

– Ryl