Free Studio Tip —

Below is one of my re-purposed Altoids tins. I’ve laid palette paper over a thin layer of moist sponge to contain and keep my Liquitex acrylics nice’n’wet:

I’ve never desired to label myself. It’s like a toe-tag: she was this, she wasn’t that. Being labelled is about someone else’s convenience. It’s lazy, and so final in that it doesn’t allow for the growth or evolution of the tagged one.

I’ve been struggling with labels lately, trying to get a grip on what kind of art I do – that I’m supposed to do – and needing/wanting to understand the visions my Muse has been sending me, with the obvious intent that I paint them.

Realism is supposed to depict Reality. What is “reality”? Is it a collective perception, or Truth by Committee, or the belief and perpetuation in someone else’s deliberate and force-fed illusion – ?

Which brings me back to the of labelling my work. Is it “realism”? What kind of “realism”? Is that piece “surreal”, “visionary”, “fantastical” or just plain disordered? Is my approach photorealism, or impressionism, or expressionism, or – well, you get my drift.

But I have to do this. I have to label and [meta-] tag my works, . . .

. . . the search engines demand it. And so do the pigeon-holers.

– Ryl

[originally posted on my old blog on 09/21/06]